Course Kick-off & David’s Top Tips for Apps for Good Students

Welcome to the 2013/2014 Apps for Good Course                                         By Debbie Forster, UK Managing Director, Apps for Good 

It’s October and our 20,000 students in schools across the UK are finishing up their first month of the 2013/2014 Apps for Good course. Our students are getting to know their new Apps for Good teammates, choosing a team name and negotiating their co-founder team agreements. Their Apps for Good-trained teachers will be giving them a “crash course” on app development as part of the first module. Some of the teams will be experimenting with tools like Balsamiq and AppShed, while others will be trying their hand at CSS and HTML5. This is the latest version of the course, with more opportunities for students to build their apps and to interact with our community of Expert volunteers. 

Students in the Apps for Good course at Mount Grace School in Potters Bar


We are thrilled to be reaching so many students this year – we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings of 45 students in two centres with a handful of committed Experts just three years ago. But it will always be the stories of individual students, teachers and Experts that bring us the greatest pleasure. Many of our blog posts in the coming months will focus on just that – glimpses of what Apps for Good has meant for individuals, what they learned and what they’d like to pass on to others who are part of our growing movement.

To start things off, we spoke with David, former Apps for Good student and creator of the Beat the Book app, and asked him to share his tips with this year’s students to inspire them as they kick-off the course.

David’s Top Tips for Apps for Good Students                                               By David, former Apps for Good Student & Creator, Beat the Book

Keep Your Ideas On The Ground: We all want the best ideas but there is a difference between reality and fantasy. It’s important that you keep your ideas realistic and you will learn more about this while you are on the course.

Shout: What I mean by shout is be vocal – whatever you need, don’t be afraid to ask for anything. The point of being on the course is to ask questions that you don’t know the answer to.

Enjoy Yourself: Make the most of this opportunity – it will only come once. You can learn so much from this course if you allow yourself to. Be inquisitive and eager for knowledge.

David took the Apps for Good course in 2011/2012 and was one of the winners of our annual competition with the Beat the Book app, which encourages and supports students working towards an English Literature qualification. If you haven’t yet downloaded his app, developed in partnership with Quickblox and Nesta, you can do so here. David is now working on a new gaming project, Official Failure.

David being filmed at the YouTube Studios for our upcoming series of interviews with former Apps for Good students.