Entrepreneurs of the future launch their published apps

Student teams judged by business leaders to be national champions in an app development competition will be launching their published creations at Thomson Reuters, London on 30 January.

Judged to be the best app to solve a real-world problem in a new way, the student teams have spent the past few months working with their developer agency partners to have the app built professionally. Each app is now available on an app store (either Google Play, Apple App Store or BlackBerry’s app store).

The objective of the Apps for Good course, which has been mapped against both the national curriculum and OFSTED criteria, is to transform the way technology is taught in schools; to empower students from all backgrounds to seize the opportunities of our digital age and create solutions to the problems they care about, using technology.

The competition, sponsored by major industry partners and run by education technology movement Apps for Good, concludes the app development course that each student will have taken during the school year 2012/13.

Judging was carried out by leaders in the technology industry and sponsoring organisations Thomson Reuters, BlackBerry, Barclaycard, SAP, Dell and TalkTalk, with support from partners Nominet Trust and the Financial Times.

Debbie Forster, UK managing director of Apps for Good explained, “Traditional education systems are wasting talent. Many young people are de-motivated by traditional teaching methods that leave them ill-prepared for the real world. Technology is advancing, exciting the imagination of young people who want to use it to make, play and share. We believe that technology can be a great equaliser and a massive force for good to transform lives and communities anywhere around the world. The course teaches coding and the fundamentals of the digital world, while also developing skills in problem solving, creativity, communication and teamwork.”

The published apps are entitled Cattle Manager, Dog Log, Pitch Pals, Pockupation, The Story Wall, Social Bank and Supportive Schedule.

During the Apps for Good course, students work together as teams to find real issues they care about and learn to build a mobile, web or social app to solve them. Like professional entrepreneurs, the students follow the key aspects of new product development, from idea generation, technical feasibility and programming to product design, deciding on business models and marketing.

The winning Apps for Good apps will be launched to the public and media at a wine reception between 6.00-8.00pm on Thursday 30th January at Thomson Reuters, 30 South Colonnade, Canary Wharf, E14 5EP.


Additional Sponsor comments:

Chris Wood, Managing Director, Barclaycard, said: “Apps for Good is a fantastic project, which we are proud to support through both funding and mentoring.  The scheme helps young people develop important skills in team building, communication, problem solving and app development, which will be invaluable for their futures in our increasingly connected world.

“We are really looking forward to seeing our two winning schools, the Abbey School and Mount Grace, have their apps – Pockupation and Social Bank – officially unveiled.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with them and we’ve been really impressed with their creativity and hard work.  We fully expect these young students to be the innovators of the future.”    

Alex Birtles, Head of External Communications, TalkTalk, explained how The Story Wall app stood out, “We were incredibly impressed by both The Story Wall app and the students behind it. The idea of using technology to collectively tell a story is the perfect example of what TalkTalk’s Connected Communities category was all about. The internet is a tremendous force for good and supporting schemes like Apps for Good is part of our mission to make Britain better off by being online.”

Bob Schukai, Global Head of Mobile Technology for Thomson Reuters, said “We’re proud to be hosting the launch of seven fantastic student-created apps on Thursday evening. The teams should be really proud that their ideas have made it all the way from conception to reality to be built by professional app developers. We are delighted to be the sponsor of the Dog Log app by the student team from Wick High School and is very fitting that an app which encourages young people to get active has won the ‘using information for good’ category. I congratulate all of the teams on their success.”

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About Apps for Good

Apps for Good is an open-source technology education movement that aims to build a new global generation of problem solvers and makers: students who can create, launch and market new products that change the world. Apps for Good partners with educators in schools and learning centres to deliver their app development course to young people 10-18 years of age. They provide the course content, training and connections to Expert volunteers, and then let teachers do what they are best at – inspiring and guiding young people. In the 2013/2014 academic year, Apps for Good is working with over 210 schools who are delivering the course to more than 17,000 students across the UK. Applications are now open for schools to become an Apps for Good Education Partners for the 2014/2015 academic year.