Apps For Good Fellow Amarah spotting trends at Future Foundation

Earlier this month, former student and Apps for Good Fellow Amarah Khan did a week-long internship at Future Foundation. In this post, Amarah tells us of her experience and shares her top tips on how to make the most of a work placement.

A bit more about me

Amarah (right) with her team member Tamanna from the Buzzer Buddiez app

Apps for Good goes beyond a course completed. It follows becoming a Fellow, welcoming ambitious young people and encouraging new experiences. I completed the course in February 2011 with BuzzerBuddiez, an alarm clock that “snitches” on the user once they have hit “snooze”. Having completed the course I didn’t just leave with an app in my pocket, but great presentation skills and a thirst for making.

This led me to do a short internship with Technology Will Save Us in the summer of 2013. TWSU is an awesome company that encourage the art of making from DIY speakers to kits that alert one when plants need watering.

My placement at Future Foundation

This year was a new adventure: I got the opportunity to intern as an assistant media analyst at Future Foundation – this saw me really move up in the world! The company was introduced to me by Apps for Good Expert, Stephanie Griffiths, who’s the most helpful person ever. Future Foundation spot trends, know of the latest tech and the wackiest ideas. From 3D make-up printers to doors that lead to Europe there is no limit -truly a sanctuary for the imagination.

There I was able to make my own presentation on my current social media absence for the past year, interview an editor and even do some editorial work. Who knew such a job existed? Researching trends, capturing innovative ideas and simply learning about how the world is growing and what it wants: in terms of technology, self-esteem and even how boredom itself has evolved into useful time.

Although fun, it was not easy to settle in initially. Working in a new environment is tough when the support system of school doesn’t exist. At school work for the day is set, teachers are there for you, and you’re always around friends. At work you can easily get too much or too little work, everyone is busy doing their own thing. This can mean that no one is looking out for you as much and it’s up to you to make those new friends in the workplace.

My top tips for a successful work placement

I would recommend just to be brave and to be honest: If there’s too little work show them what you are made of and ask for more. There isn’t always someone specifically allocated to take care of you so just make sure you know exactly what the issue is and the best questions to ask to get to the solution as quick as possible. Finally work placements can be much more fun and comfortable if you just introduce yourself and get to know others, you’re really doing yourself a favour and letting them know how epic you are. So don’t be greedy, share that great personality of yours.

Connect with me

Do you have any questions or would you like further details of this experience? I would love to help so email and subject it “Question for Amarah”.

Apps for Good has really welcomed me and shown me nearly everything I ever ask for. So what’s next could really be anything, coming up to my last year of college I would really love to do more internships and placements where the learning never stops.

About the author: Amarah is 18 years old and an Apps for Good Fellow. She graduated from the Apps for Good course in 2011 with her Award-winning app BuzzerBuddiez (an alarm app that uses voice recording and a buddy system to remind you why you need to get up in the morning) and is about to start her final year of college.