Our Educators share their top tips

We know that being a newbie to anything can be a little nerving, however some of our long-standing teachers have been kind enough to share a few salient words of advice for our new recruits!

Here’s what they said…

Get that prep right!

“Make sure you know what coding languages you are going to teach and make sure your software is ready to go before you start the course.” – Mark Adams, Penrice Academy

“Make a list of the key deliverables ahead of time and give to the pupils.” – Robbie Gamble, St Dominic’s Sixth Form College

“Plan groupings carefully and check the feasibility of student’s ideas throughout the project.” – Maria Parkes, St Marylebone C.E. School

“Access the platform and scheme of work as early as you can. Change the project to suit your schools’ needs if necessary.” – Scott Carrington, Redden Court School

“Have some example template questionnaires for students to use. Arrange some group visits to survey the public.” – Martin Ashburn, Newcastle City Learning Centre

“Keep on top of time scales, have your own intro and conclusion units of work for first and last 4 weeks of the year or so. Limit the number of teachers delivering. We kept to 3 teachers for the 8 groups across year 9, keeps it tight.” – Adam Steels, Ely College

Use those Experts!

“Take time to set up an expert talk, this helped to give a different perspective to the students.” – Mark Millinchip, Blessed William Howard Catholic High School

“Book expert sessions as the students love them!” – Samena Metcalfe, Stokesley School

Bob Schukai from Thomson Reuters delivers a session to Wick High School students
Bob Schukai from Thomson Reuters delivers an Expert Session to Wick High School students


“Definitely make use of the experts as their advice is inspiring especially for young students which helps them to empower their knowledge and pursue their ideas.” – Nicola Ward, Ballyclare High School

“Experts are the special sauce; use them!” – Stuart Keen, Dr Challoner’s High School

What makes a winning student team

“Get the teams right, it’s not about friendships, it’s about having the right skill set in a team.” – Mark Millinchip, Blessed William Howard Catholic High School

“Ensure that you are flexible with your expectations of the students – the ideas are theirs and not yours. You will need to dedicate a great deal of time to the process.” – Gary Whiting, Thornleigh Salesian College

“Spend time on team building activities before students choose/get into groups. Ensure students understand the ‘problem’ they are trying to solve.” – Fathima Anwari, Mount Grace School

We hope these tips are useful to both our new schools and those who have been with us for longer. We’d like to thank all of our dedicated schools and can’t wait to work alongside you all throughout the next academic year. As a means of inspiration here’s our favourite Apps for Good tip:

“Be ready to be impressed by the blue sky thinking exhibited by your students.” – Drew Buddie, Royal Masonic School

Every year students come up with fantastic innovative ideas and we’re certain this year will be no different!