A look back at my time with the Apps for Good team

Former Apps for Good team member Antonella Gorenflos looks back at her time with the organisation and describes what made it so great. 

It has been about four months that I left Apps for Good, but I still feel part of the team.

As a member of the Content team, I created, edited and adapted our educational content used by our teachers to deliver the Apps for Good course. I learned about the different phases of app product development and was challenged to think about how to make these applicable to teachers and students. Along the way, I wrestled with some fascinating questions: How can I engage a thirteen year old student to come up with a logical business model? Or how can I support a teacher who has little computing experience to explain and use an API?

My role not only gave me a chance to brush up on my programming skills but also to engage with our vibrant community of educators, students, fellows and experts. For instance, I joined in with Apps for Good lessons and interviewed over 30 teachers across the country, collecting insights on how to improve our course.

However, perhaps my most cherished memory of the community’s talent and dedication comes from the annual Apps for Good Awards. Here the winners of the Apps for Good competition presented their finished apps with an explosion of charisma and newfound self-confidence. And now they can share their work with pride: the apps are available on the apps store!

Apps for Good satisfied my thirst for tech. Right in the heart of London’s start-up scene, I had a number of chances to partner with leaders in the tech education space and to take part in events hosted by Google.

But still, the perks of interesting projects and an aspirational scene weren’t half as valuable as the team spirit of Apps for Good. From day one I felt integrated in a group of enthusiastic and supportive colleagues. Be it during discussions on our strategy day, over lunch or around the ping pong table, it was always a real pleasure to be around such fun and engaged people!

Today, back in my home in Germany, I really appreciate everything I learned at Apps for Good. It was such an open environment and I was given the opportunity to follow my own interests and personal objectives.

I look back on my time at Apps for Good with such fondness and I cannot wait for my next visit!

Antonella graduated with a degree in Engineering Science and then worked for Apps for Good from October 2013 to March 2014. She has now moved back to her native Germany where she works for Siemens.