Day in the life of Communications & Events Officer

It’s 9:30am and the Apps for Good office is already buzzing with lots of activity planned across the teams throughout the day. I sit down at my desk and go through my to-do-list, making sure urgent tasks are prioritised – it’s only a few weeks until the annual Apps for Good Awards so that will likely take up a lot of my time today. But first, to the kitchen for a cup of tea!

Today I have several meetings in and out of the office:

  • 10am – meeting with Business Development team to discuss Awards sponsors’ social media strategy
  • 1pm – meeting at the Awards venue (the Barbican Centre) to finalise catering and logistics
  • 3pm – meeting with Education Community Manager to discuss travel arrangements for student teams attending the Awards

As well as those meetings there is also a technology education chat taking place at 4:30pm on Twitter that I will have to do some research for beforehand. This topic is: “How has technology in education engaged students?” I have already sent an email to the Education Community Manager and the Head of Communications & Communities a few days ago to get some ideas that we could contribute to the discussion, so I’ll start by taking a look at those.

My first task is to go through the morning emails: press coverage, daily digest of education news and updates from the team. Any press coverage is saved and usually shared among the relevant team members. Our Managing Director was speaking at an event last night so there has been a lot of activity on the Apps for Good Twitter feed – I’ll check for new followers and retweet any messages we’ve received.

The meeting with the Business Development team has been really productive and I’ve now to put together a list of template tweets that our sponsors can use to publicise their support for the Awards. Finding the relevant names and remembering that all-important 140 character limit means this will take a couple of hours to do, so I’ll factor that into my diary for this week.

During the latter part of the morning I finish approving the press releases we’ve received from our PR agency to go out to local and regional newspapers where our Finalist teams are based. It’s really important to ensure we get all the names of the students correct and follow up any data protection requests we receive from parents.

My meeting at the Barbican Centre goes well and I’m sure the students will be delighted to hear that they will be getting pizza for their dinner! All the rooms have been booked that I requested and the venue manager has provided me with a detailed floor plan that I’ll use when allocating the staff team roles on the day. I’ll make sure that my discussions are fed into my catch up meeting with the Head of Communications and Communities tomorrow.

It’s then straight back to the office to meet with the Education Community Manager to discuss the travel arrangements for the student teams and their teachers. Our teams are coming from all across the UK – some as far as Wick in the Highlands – so we need to coordinate accommodation and travel for many of them and get this confirmed with the teachers.

My final task of the day is to participate in the Twitter chat on technology education. These discussions are always a great way to reach out to those within the education and technology sphere, as well as teachers who are increasingly using social media to link up with fellow educators. The overall discussion goes very well and we received a lot of interest in how schools can sign up to deliver our course and some new followers too.

It’s now 5:30pm and time to head home! It’s been a busy day however I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

If you like the sound of this role, good news as we are currently recruiting for a new Communication & Events Officer! Apply here.