Back to school for 2014

Summer has sadly come and gone and the woolly jumpers are now making an appearance, however it marks the start of a very big year for us! Over the next nine months over 470 schools and 23,000 students will be participating in the Apps for Good course. We will be giving you a flavour of how the course is taught with a preview of each of the five modules, including the key learning outcomes for students.

What’s new for 2014

At Apps for Good we teach our students to put the user at the heart of their product, and that’s exactly what we do at Apps for Good. Thanks to the feedback from our Education Partners, we’ve been rolling out a number of changes to the Apps for Good course and how we connect with our educators:

  • Online training and regional events

For those who’ve been with us since the early days, they’ll remember the one or two-day training events we held across the country for our teachers. But we heard those could be difficult for teachers to schedule in, especially for those joining us late in the year. This year, we’ve launched online continued professional development so that all of our educators can access the resources wherever and whenever suits them. But that’s not the end of it. We’re supplementing our online materials with regional events across the country, in partnership with our Ninja Schools and other partners, so that our educators can meet with us, as well as holding on-going webinars. Our events kick off in Northern Ireland and Scotland this month – one of biggest regions this year – and we can’t wait to meet our educators there!

Students will work in teams of three/four throughout the year
Students will work in teams of three to five throughout the year


  • Improved Apps for Good Educator Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first point of interaction we have with our Educators and we have made it more user-friendly and added some new features, so planning lessons and assessing students work should be more straightforward.

  • New Student Dashboard

Students on the Apps for Good course will now have their very own dashboard! Students will be able to submit their coursework for review by their teacher. The work collected in the portfolio will form the basis of team entries into the Apps for Good Awards 2015.

  • Reflecting new curriculum changes

For schools in England, this term will see the implementation of the brand new Computing curriculum; we have mapped our course to KS2, KS3 and KS4, as we know how crucial this is for our educators, the majority of whom are delivering App for Good as part of the curriculum.

  • Assessment guidance and materials

We are very excited to offer our educators assessment materials for the 2014/15 course; these have been mapped to meet the English curriculum and we are producing similar materials for our Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh communities.

  • More opportunities to build prototypes

Each year, we have been adding more and more technical topics within our core modules and this year is no different. Our teachers have told us they’d like these spread out even more across the course, so that’s one of the biggest changes that we’ve made this year.

Students will soon start to come up with their app idea
Students will start to come up with their app idea


These are just some of the changes our Educators will get to enjoy over the next year –and we’ve got more big announcements coming soon.

We’ve already received lots of messages from teachers sharing the beginning of their Apps for Good journey! We love hearing from our Educator community so do get in touch via Twitter @AppsforGoodCDI

This is a very exciting year ahead with lots of stories yet to be written – we hope you will join us as we help create the next generation of digital makers and problem solvers.