Apps for Good Fellow David helps enhance Plotr’s online experience!

Last month Apps for Good Fellow David had the chance to visit our friends at Plotr. The organisation is home to an exciting platform for young people to discover and explore careers. They were looking for young people to get involved in their user testing programme to inform the new Plotr site.

Never heard of user testing before? It’s the process of website owners watching people using their site to give them a steer on new ideas and to discover where their site is confusing. They ask questions about how to improve the user’s experience and watch their every move from mouse movements to clicks and keystrokes.

After his time with Plotr, we caught up with David to hear all about the day!

What did you do at Plotr?

They asked me to use their interface and look for weaknesses on the website. They observed every move and click and asked me about some icons on the website, which ones I preferred to be more visible etc. We then got into the careers game to test a new version of their second level, which was fun. They also asked me what the terms ‘career’ and ‘job’ mean to me, what I think the difference is and what I’d like to do as a career.

What was the most enjoyable thing?

The game! They have a fun career advice quiz that Iets you discover a career that fits your personality, interest and needs. It’s exciting because it feels like your future is on the line! I was recommended to become a business manager, which I am really interested in becoming! It was also useful to find out more about career steps, salary etc.

David blog
David  is  a member of our Fellows community as a former Apps for Good student

What is the main thing you learned?

I learned to see a website from a different perspective. It helped me understand the process undertaken by people who create websites. When building a website it’s important to keep in mind how people would interact and use it. Being part of this interview showed me how to get this information out of users.

What would you like to do as a career and how would you go about?

I’d like to set up my own start-up company. I am an ideas person and very interested in app and game development. I’m currently considering of doing a course at university in International Management, as I really like traveling! While I’m at school, I’d like to gain more working experience and go to events to talk to people who might be able to help me with my career.

Why would you encourage other Fellows to help as user testers?

Because it’s easy and fun! You learn a lot and get experiences such as seeing a website from a different perspective. It’s also always good to meet new people and they might end up paying you for your input.

About the author: David is 16 years old and an Apps for Good Fellow. He graduated from the Apps for Good course in 2012 with his Award-winning app Beat the Book (an app is designed to turn reading into a fun activity, rewarding students for answering questions set by their teacher with access to a fun game) and just started his first year of college.

If you’re an Apps for Good Fellow and are interested in helping exciting tech companies with doing some user testing, drop us an email: