App Launch 2015 Countdown – Chore Attack

Welcome to the fourth blog in our series counting down to the Apps for Good App Launch 2015, powered by Facebook and hosted by Thomson Reuters. In this series we’re giving you a chance to get to know each of the teams who will be officially launching their apps on 05 February. Today it’s time to find out what Chore Attack is all about!

The Chore Attack app - download from 05 February
The Chore Attack app – available to download soon! 

The Chore Attack app helps inspire work-shy kids and flatmates to do their fair share of the housework by setting rewards for completing tasks and even setting up league tables for some friendly household competition. The app won the Productivity category at the Apps for Good Awards 2014. The category was powered by SAP, and Chore Attack was recently described by Guy Armstrong, Chief Operating Officer, SAP UK & Ireland, as ‘a truly creative and innovative app’! Chore attack was created by students Katie, Caitlyn and Meghan from Wick High School in Scotland.

The girls presented their idea at the Apps for Good Awards 2014

The girls came up with the idea for the app based on their own everyday experiences – they often avoided doing their chores. The girls wanted to use their app to tackle this problem by making chores more fun. Check out the video below where the girls go into further detail about the inspiration for the app and talk us through their favourite – and not so favourite – chores.

Since their win in June the girls have been working hard to turn the prototype app they developed during the Apps for Good course into a finished product. Throughout this process they have been supported by SAP and development agency Fuerte International. The girls have completed this process during busy school days and all their effort has paid off as their app is now available to download from the App store.

Do people in your house avoid doing their chores? Download Chore Attack and get everyone doing their share, and don’t forget to tell your friends! 

Here's a sneak preview of what Chore Attack will look like!
Here’s a sneak preview of what Chore Attack will look like!