Entering the Apps for Good Awards 2015? Check out our tips

It’s now one of our favourite times of the year: opening up entries for the Apps for Good Awards. We love seeing the work of our student teams and the amazing apps they’ve created. Selecting the Finalists is always a huge challenge, but there are always a few things that make a really strong entry. In this blog, we’re giving you our top tips to make sure your entry grabs our attention and stands out from the crowd.

Enter now and you could attend the Apps for Good Awards 2015!
Enter now and you could attend the Apps for Good Awards 2015!

Make the most of your video
This is your chance to tell your story and show us your enthusiasm for your idea. This doesn’t mean you need to be great actors or use a video studio and fancy special effects. Be the stars of your own video instead of using voice-over or animation software, as you will always be more interesting and convincing. And remember the basics – make sure your sound is clear and avoid background noise.

Explain the problem
Remember that we don’t know anything about the problem you’re trying to solve. Whether it’s an app to help students find their way around your school campus or locating trees to climb (real app ideas from previous years), assume we know nothing. You’re the experts, so help us understand your idea, tell us who it’s for and why the app is needed. Check out last year’s winners ShoreCast explaining the problem they wanted to solve below, and for more inspiration check out some other pitch videos here.

Check the competition
The reality is, somebody has probably tried to create a similar app to your idea. Check out the competition and use it to your advantage. Tell us why your app is different to set yourself apart from what’s already out there – it could be that you’re targeting a specific age group or tackling the problem in a different way.

Make sure your links work
It may seem obvious but it’s very easy to make a small mistake in the web address. Check and double-check any links to videos or prototypes to make sure we can see everything you’re sharing with us.

Make sure to check your links before submitting!
Make sure to check your links before submitting!

Now that you’ve read our tips it’s time to start working on those entries. Remember, students and teachers can now submit their entries via their Apps for Good dashboard. Good luck!

Interested in entering the Apps for Good Awards but not an Apps for Good Educator? Find out how to sign up to deliver our free course in 2015/16 here.