Module 4: Product Development

Welcome to the fourth blog in our preview series giving you a sneak peek of what to expect from Module 4 of the Apps for Good course. In Module 3 students investigated their app ideas – they looked at the world around the problem, conducted market and user research, and identified the essential features of their app or minimum viable product (MVP). In Module 4 the focus turns to product development and students are encouraged to think like real entrepreneurs! Students will prototype their MVP, test it with users and refine their prototype based on user feedback, before going on to identify an appropriate business model for their idea.

What’s it all about?

In Module 4, students begin to see their app ideas come to life. First students will consider the basic user experience of their app, and once they are confident with their design, it’s time to get making their apps! Students are encouraged to pick a prototyping software that they think will produce the best example of their MVP. Students are then encouraged to seek feedback from users and make changes to their app to ensure it is meeting user needs.

After all that prototyping it’s time for students to put their business hats on and consider a viable business model. Students should think about who their potential investors may be and the best way to fund their app.

Students will begin prototyping their apps in Module 4
Students will begin prototyping their apps in Module 4

What do the learn?

This module is undoubtedly an exciting one; this is the first opportunity students have to create an interactive version of their app. Students will become increasingly familiar with prototyping software during this process. As with previous modules, students will need to remain flexible and may have to amend their designs based on the software available to them. Based on research carried out in Module 3 about what information and features their apps will need to contain, students can make educated and informed decisions about how best to prototype their core features.

Alongside the technical elements of Module 4, students will gain an understanding of different business models and should be encouraged to think in a business savvy manner. By considering how much value users and benefitting parties will derive from their app, students will be able to make an informed decision about funding options for their apps. Students will also learn that developing good listening skills and taking constructive criticism in their stride are integral to the app building process and must also remember to have their user in mind at all stages of this module.

Module 4 is also a great time to hold an Expert session. Our Expert community will be able to give advice about all elements for Module 4. Whether students are seeking advice on user experience design, what prototyping software to use, or how to pick the most suitable business model, our Experts are here to help. Click here to request an Expert session.

Module 4 is a perfect time to get some help from an Apps for Good Expert
Module 4 is a perfect time to get some help from an Apps for Good Expert

What’s next?

By the end of Module 4 students will have fully formed app idea as well as a considered business model and a prototype app. In Module 5 Pitch and Beyond, students will learn how sell their idea to potential investors as well as taking part in careers workshops.

Educators can we support you in delivering Module 4 to students? Do you have any hints and tips for teaching Product Development to your students? Let us know on the Apps for Good Educator Forum .