Module 5: Pitch and Beyond

It’s the final blog in our module preview series and we’re looking at what to expect in Module 5: Pitch and Beyond.

In Module 4, student teams developed their prototype and identified the right business model for their app. Now, equipped with a well defined product, students will learn how to get their app out to their users.

What’s it all about?

Students begin with marketing and branding – developing their own marketing strategy to help their app grow. Marketing strategy in mind, students, just like real entrepreneurs, will then consider how best pitch their app to a panel of investors. By the end of the module students will also look to their own future and learn about careers in business and tech.

Students will learn about effective marketing
Students will learn about effective marketing

What do they learn?

Module 5 encourages students to develop key transferable skills that they can use across the curriculum. Students begin by familiarising themselves with the fundamentals of a successful marketing campaign before embracing their creative side to devise a marketing campaign of their own. Whether it’s coming up with a catchy slogan or writing informative copy, students will learn how to attract the attention of potential users.

Students will also learn that communication skills are integral to launching their app: in order to attract investment and users they need to talk persuasively about their app. By practicing their pitches, students gain key presentation skills including tone, body language and speed of delivery.

Students will learn the key presentation skills in Module 5
Students will learn key presentation skills in Module 5

Finally, students will learn how the skills they have gained, and what they may have liked (or not liked) doing while building their apps – whether that’s designing their launch page or preparing their business case – can translate to a career. Students research careers in tech, design and business studies and gain an understanding of what skills and qualifications are needed.

What’s next?

Module 5 marks the completion of the course framework; however, student’s journeys do not end there. Student teams can enter the Apps for Good Awards (see last year’s winners here), our national competition where the winning apps are developed and launched on to the market. They can also be part of our new Fellows programme to take their Apps for Good experience even further. Through a range of activities, events and online courses, Fellows develop their skillsets further and gain hands on experience in the world of tech and business. Click here for more information about our Fellows programme.

Educators, can we help you with your delivery of the Apps for Good course in any way? Or do you have any hints and tips for delivery Module 5 to share with the community? Visit our dashboard and post them on our Educator Forum.