I’ve appeared on TV, gained confidence and discovered a love of filmmaking…all because I made an app

Tamanna Begum Rahman is an Apps for Good Fellow and the co-creator of the BuzzerBuddiez app. Below she shares her Fellowship journey, from idea to successful app and beyond!

At first I felt intimidated 
I was sitting and learning about algebra when I heard my maths teacher. He wanted to tell me about an opportunity to make an app – he thought I would be perfect for it. At first I wasn’t impressed. I felt intimidated and like I wouldn’t fit in. I didn’t own a phone or a tablet, so I didn’t understand the importance of apps. It wasn’t until after the extra curriculum co-ordinator suggested I do the course and I’d been sent several emails about Apps for Good that I signed up.

Imagine your phone snitching on you when you don’t wake up
Our groups were challenged to come up with issues that could be solved through an app. The amount of silly ideas our group came up with was ridiculous. One of my team mates finally said “imagine your phone snitching on you when you don’t wake up, and you get a call from your mum”. We couldn’t stop laughing, and with this idea, BuzzerBuddiez was born!

We felt like business women with all of our market research and graphs
A month went by, and we felt like business women with our market research and graphs. We decided to create an alarm clock with a double twist. The app would allow the user to set a recording and an SMS to help them wake up.

And then we won
At the Apps for Good Awards we had to present our idea Dragons Den style. We even presented to the producer of Teletubbies (*Eeeeek*). It was awesome, I felt famous when I was asked about about MY app. And then we won!

The creators of BuzzerBuddies, featured in the press. East London Advertiser, 31 March 2011.
“I felt famous” says Tamanna, co-creator of BuzzerBuddies. (Photo: East London Advertiser, 31 March 2011)

The best parts of launching the app
When we won the competition we created our app with expert developers and designers, which was so exciting! Appearing in the media was also a shock. We had opportunities to appear on Blue Peter, do interviews BBC radio and BBC Asian Network and present our apps at fantastic events.

An experience I’ll never forget
Creating BuzzerBuddiez was a learning experience that I will never forget. It’s a great conversation starter. I’m currently studying a BA degree in Early Childhood Education and Care. When anyone views my CV the first thing they ask about is Apps for Good.

Completing the Apps for Good course enabled my creative juices to flow, and improved my leadership skills. It’s also boosted my confidence loads. After getting use to speaking and presenting in front of developers, I can now present in front of a room of 450 people!

I now videography, film editing and photography for events, wedding and parties. This was only possible after the Apps For Good team showed me how to edit videos. I can now proudly say that I make great looking films with my editing skills!

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