I built an app and overcame my fears. Now I’m helping others to do the same!

Apps for Good Fellow Sophie from the Northwest shares her experience with us, and her tips for becoming a student mentor.

Apps for Good taught me not to be afraid of failure.

The Apps for Good course allowed me to build my confidence, improve my teamwork skills, and taught me not to be afraid of failure when trying something new. I have learnt that even when you reach barriers during a task, you shouldn’t give up at the first sight of trouble. You and your team can find ways to overcome any problem.

When our team first got started, our problem was that we over complicated our app. We spoke to the experts who advised us to keep our app sweet and simple. Instead of giving up, our team went back and removed the weakest sections of our app.

I was inspired to help others and share my experience as a mentor.

I had such a great experience with Apps for Good that I decided to join The Fellowship which provides new experiences and opportunities for young people. Being part of The Fellowship has inspired me to help others and share my experience.

So when I found out the younger students at my school were taking part in this year’s Apps for Good course, I decided to help them. I spoke to my teacher, and we arranged for me to help the group and share my experiences.

However, this was just the start.

I now mentor eager students every Wednesday morning. I work with groups to discuss different aspects of their app: learning what their app is about, their plans for it and how they came up with the idea. It’s amazing to see so many young people determined to succeed.

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The best part of mentoring is being able to relate to the students. Since I have first-hand experience with this course, I’m able to help the groups become more successful. Having done the course before, I was more confident in my ability as a mentor as I had a full understanding of the course.


Why don’t you give mentoring a try?

Mentoring is such a great experience; being able to help and inspire other students has inspired me. I feel it would be a great opportunity for others like me to mentor young people and pass on their knowledge. Want to give it a try? Here are four tips to get you started:

  1. When mentoring other students be patient. Take the time to talk through their apps and their ideas.
    Exercise your communication skills when giving advice. Be sure to
  2. comment on what needs improving AND what’s going really well.
  3. Use your knowledge of the Apps for Good Course and show that you can relate to what they’re doing.
  4. Share what you did to progress your own app: talk about what went well, what went wrong and what you did to fine-tune your ideas.

If you’re an Apps for Good Student and you want to become a mentor, join The Fellowship for support and guidance. 

If you’re an Apps for Good teacher and you want to get your students mentoring, contact amy.schumacher@appsforgood.org and ask for our Mentoring Pack.