A look inside the Spotify office in London

Jashvanth is a Fellow and former Apps for Good student. In March 2016 he visited the Spotify office in London for a live music session and office tour. In this blog, he shares his experience.

This month I was lucky enough visit the Spotify office in London with The Fellowship and Apps for Good. The visit included a tour of the office as well as a live performance from the brilliant up and coming artist Gavin James. This was a great opportunity, there was no way I could turn it down!

Spotify is an extraordinary company with an extraordinary office. 

Within the first moment you get a glimpse of how Spotify is an extraordinary company with an extraordinary office. We were welcomed by an iPad that printed our name badges and told the team that we had arrived, which was very cool. Covering the walls were countless awards that Spotify has won.

Jashvanth with the artist Gavin James at the Spotify office in London.
Jashvanth with the artist Gavin James at the Spotify office in London.

But what really caught our attention was the waiting area with beanbags and sofas, and a fridge packed with drinks. For an hour Amy (Fellows Manager) and I sat in a cool booth and worked on the new Fellowship website. The website is still top secret, but I can say: it looks really good!

After that, it was time for the performance. We spent the next 30 minutes listening to the amazing Gavin James, alongside Spotify employees and other guests. Amy, a music professional who’s been swallowed into the tech world, loved it and even joined in with the singing; as did everyone in the audience.

After the performance, we went on a tour.

James Ferguson is a lawyer at Spotify as well as our host for the afternoon. After the performance met up with us and took us on tour of the whole office, where I learnt many things about the company and their incredible team.

Firstly I learnt that each person of a team is very important. At Spotify each person has a job that helps towards someone else’s job. For instance, the person selling advertisements cannot work without the people who regulate them. It’s important for these people to work together. No single person is responsible for the success of Spotify, it takes a whole team with many different skills.

There are many different careers at Spotify. It really proved to me that no matter your passion in tech, even if you’re not interested in coding, you could still get a job in the field. Just a few of jobs at the Spotify office in London were lawyers, advertisement specialists, graphic designers and salespeople. There was even one person who makes playlists for a living.

My advice: be driven and take up every opportunity that is thrown at you.

I have not set in stone what I want to do in the future, but I do know that I want to be heavily involved in tech. As a Fellow of Apps for Good, I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing experiences that have helped me further my passion. For instance, after volunteering two times at Apps for Good events I’ve been offered two different work experiences!

My advice to other Apps for Good students interested in working at a place like Spotify is to be driven and take up any opportunity that is thrown at you. Because when you take up one opportunity, you never know when another might arise.

About the Author: Jashvanth is 15 years old from Sutton on London. In 2014 his team Party Spot won Apps for Good competition. Jashvanth has stayed in touch with Apps for Good ever since, and has been taking part in as many Fellowship opportunities as possible.