Apps for Good winners, BOOKd, visit SAP Experience Centre

Apps for Good Awards winners BOOKd were invited to visit the SAP Experience Centre in March. In this blog Kebin Kimber, Head of Cloud, SAP UK & Ireland tells us about the day with Alejandro, Harry and Ben from team BOOKd.  

On Thursday, 24th March I had the unique opportunity to engage with some of the early talent SAP works with as part of our CSR partnership with the charity Apps For Good. This charity operates a programme in over 2000 schools with a focus of enabling young people to overcome everyday problems by creating technology based solutions in the form of apps. The charity hold an annual awards ceremony, with SAP sponsoring the Productivity category and judging the finalists to crown the winner. BOOKd, a group of three boys from Dr Challoner’s School in Buckinghamshire, took the 2015 prize for their ingenious app and in February took it to market, where it is now available on android.

It was amazing to meet Alejandro, Harry and Ben, accompanied by their teacher, Stuart, who visited SAP following their app launch to see how technology organisations work and what we are doing to enable people to run more simply. I had the opportunity to open the day with the team and have a discussion about their idea and where they plan to take it in the future. With experience in start-up organisations, I discussed the importance of having a strategy in place and understanding what the goal is when debating where to go next. I think having a bit of guidance and a mentor will allow this incredible team to take their project to the next phase, which as I understand it, will be launching it on iTunes.

Kevin Kimber & the team behind BOOKD

Following the session I had with the team, the team were taken on a tour of our Experience Centre and received a demo from Dav Mahey of Presales to see what SAP technology is capable of. By interacting with our F1 car and seeing a demo of how Internet of Things is revolutionising business processes, SAP hoped to demonstrate the unlimited potential of digital solutions. With a view to encourage blue sky thinking and innovation, I myself was glad to see that we were showcasing the best of SAP products.

As a group of students working towards their GCSE’s, the opportunity to speak with individuals from within the tech industry opens a number of doors. By providing guidance and support we can nurture talent from a young age and encourage more young people to join the technology industry. Members of our intern community delivered sessions on the Tomorrows Leaders, Intern Project Team and life at SAP, to showcase the opportunities we have available. Eager to understand where they could take their passion and what they could convert it into, I think it is the duty of all of us to lead and mentor early talent through this process and truly inspire a generation. SAP has a strong relationship with Apps For Good and a number of opportunities for employees to share their passion, knowledge and experience with the next generation of digital pioneers and entrepreneurs.