Celebrating Spain’s next generation of entrepreneurs

On May 25, we’ll be hosting our very first Madrid Festival with our partner Fundación Endesa. In this blog, Laura Casajús Izquierdo of Fundación Endesa introduces the Festival and the eight Finalist teams up for the Fundación Endesa Prize.

More than 200 students, guided by their teachers, are working to create a mobile or web app to transform lives and communities as they take part in Apps for Good in Madrid this school year. The Apps for Good project in Madrid is being supported by Fundación Endesa. We support the project as we agree with Apps for Good’s goals to encourage a new generation of young people to use technology to solve real problems and improve people’s quality of life. At the same time, students develop problem solving skills such as creativity, communications and teamwork which will allow them to succeed in the world of work.

In late May, students from public schools in Madrid will attend the Fundación Endesa Apps for Good 2016 Festival to present the apps they have created. Taking place at Endesa’s Headquarters in Madrid, the event will be hosted by Juanma Iturriaga, a famous former basketball player. We’re very excited to be hosting the Festival, where we’ll be welcoming Madrid’s tech and business community to meet the students and celebrate their innovative ideas and hard work.

Cowif: makes sharing your stuff easier

At the Festival, two prizes will be awarded: the People’s Choice Prize, open to all apps in the competition and chosen by the public attending the Festival; and the Fundación Endesa Prize, open to eight selected apps at the Festival and chosen by a panel of experts from the Foundation.

The apps eligible for the Fundación Endesa Prize are:

Random Breakfast – Have a good start to your day with breakfast based on food in your fridge, by Raquel, Marcela & Mateutsz from Colegio Nazaret Oporto

RecargaYA – Always have your transport card with credit on hand, by Ana, Isabel, Javier, Pablo & Patricia from Escuela Profesional Javeriana

Gamestreator – Compare prices, get discounts and recommendations for videogames, by Pedro, Óscar & Andrea from Colegio Nazaret Oporto

Cowif – Ensure you get your stuff back when you lend it to others, by Juan Carlos, Diego & Celia from Colegio Nazaret Oporto

MYRUNAPP – Discover your town running, by Diego, Paula, Julio, Linda, Violeta & Elianny from Colegio San Diego y San Vicente

Healthy Scan – Know what additives you are eating with your food, by Maria del Carmen, Sandra & Jonathan from Escuela Profesional Javeriana

BBCO sports – Bring people together with jokes about sport, by Oscar, Carlos, Bea, Bárbara & Byron from Colegio San Diego y San Vicente

SimpLie – Special homescreen for your children so they can’t access your phone without supervision, by Inmaculada, Andros, Rodrigo & Alejandra from Colegio Nazaret Oporto

RecargaYA: always have your transport card to hand

Begoña Muñoz de Verger, Head of Projects & Development at Fundación Endesa, said, “The Apps for Good programme reinforces students’ confidence and talent through creative learning content, using new technologies to design and make apps that can make a better world for them. Fundación Endesa is committed to educational projects such as these, where personal experiences show a successful combination based on entrepreneurship, technology and commitment to a better world.”

Iris Lapinski, founder and co-CEO of Apps for Good, said, “For me the most inspiring thing is always to see what young people are worried about and what problems they want to solve in their communities. So I am excited to see great Spanish talent emerging from this and watching as they grow. Thanks to the support from Fundación Endesa, this is the first time we are running a festival in Spain, but I very much hope that there are many more to come.”

Laura Casajús Izquierdo is a Journalist at Fundación Endesa. She has a Masters degree in International Development Cooperation from Comillas Pontifical University. Her interests include International Relations, Human Rights and Radio. Be sure to follow #FundacionEndesaAFG for updates on the Festival and to hear the winners announced.

In Madrid and want to meet the next generation of entrepreneurs? Join us at the Festival by registering here.