Adventures had and lessons learned at Thomson Reuters

Ellora, aged 15 from Wick in Scotland, is our 2016 Fellow of The Year. Below she tells us about her recent work experience.

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For someone who lives nearly 700 miles away from London, I’ve spent quite a lot of time there recently – In fact, I’m going down again soon for the Apps for Good awards in June. But my last adventure to London involved four days of work experience at…Thomson Reuters!

Navigating the busyness of London

In case you were wondering what Thomson Reuters does, they are a news company and they also provide new technology for people who work in different professions. They have over 50,000 employees and have offices all over the world.

Travelling to and from the office everyday was really fun. I love the busyness of London – probably because I’ve lived near fields and cows nearly all my life. I stayed with my Uncle in Gillingham, so each day I got the high speed train and the London Underground to the office. I thought it was quite funny when people fussed over me doing the journey myself because I wasn’t worried at all.

My first day was definitely not dull

I’m not going to lie here and say I wasn’t nervous on my first day, because I was. Even though I knew myself that I had no reason to be, I still was.

My first day was definitely not dull. When I arrived, I learned what I was going to be doing and from then onwards it was non-stop! I spoke to loads of different people who all did different jobs, everything from web design to research. There was a lot of information to take in, but I enjoyed it none the less. I even saw Alesha Dixon whilst getting lunch!

Everyone’s job was different

Throughout the rest of the week I spoke to even more people, including Skype calls with some really cool people who work in America. I also got to try Adobe After Effects which confirmed my love of design.

Everyone’s jobs were different and it was really interesting to see how everyone had taken different paths to end up there. Some of the people I spoke to had PhDs and I’ve potentially been inspired to do the same. I’ve also been inspired to learn another programming language and to master the command line.

I may have only been at Thomson Reuters for four days, but I took in a LOT of information and some life lessons from the great people there.

Do what you love

Every single person I spoke to was great in their own way. Their advice has inspired me to continue working hard, and to:

• not forget what I really love
• keep my options open for the future because nothing is ever really set in stone
• try things that are out of my comfort zone but ask for help if need be
• seize new opportunities
• not let my gender prevent me from doing what I love

The list goes on. I don’t even think the people who said these things realised how powerful they really were. Hopefully this won’t be my last trip there, and I’ll get to see everyone again. My time at Thomson Reuters was interesting, I learned loads and most importantly, I had fun 🙂