Apps for Good reveals opportunities you didn’t even know existed

Tasneem took the Apps for Good course last year as part of a club in her school. Since finishing the course she has joined The Fellowship, where she speaks at events and shares her experience. Below, Tasneem reflects on her Apps for Good journey so far:

Being able to design an app seemed fascinating 

I’ve wanted to do Apps for Good ever since hearing about it last year in my school. I didn’t get the chance to do it last year, but after talking to other students, I had a feeling that I would find it interesting. Being able to design an app seemed pretty fascinating to me.

This year I applied to take the course, and was happy to be selected as a Team Leader! I’ve never taken on leadership role before. I wondered how I would do, who would be in my group, if we’d all get along, and if we’d be able to make decision together. More than anything, I was excited for it to begin.

In the beginning, my group had dissimilar app ideas. Three of our teammates wanted to create an app helping teens with anger issues, and two of us wanted to create an app to support the elderly. At that point, it seemed our best choice was to divide the group and work on the two ideas separately.

We had to do a lot of work

Tasneem leading her team as they present their Apps for Good idea to a panel of judges.

In February our school held a Dragon’s Den session where we presented to industry experts, school staff and members of the Apps for Good team. To prepare for this, we had to do a lot of work!

We created a slide show, marketing plans and an elevator pitch describing our app features and business model. We also worked on our App Shed prototype. The judges provided excellent feedback, and the session really helped us to prepare for our Apps for Good competition entry.

My favourite part was researching our users. It was challenging to think about how we would target the app to our audience and ensure they get the best use out of it. Making our pitch film was quite frustrating, as it could only last 1 minute and it was difficult to get the timing right.

Sharing Apps for Good with others

This Spring I went with our teacher and four classmates to the Academies Show at ExCel in London, where we spoke about our Apps for Good experience. The show was for teachers looking to bring technology into the classroom; we presented and spoke about how they could bring Apps for Good to their school. We also had a great time wandering around and were given a lot of free merchandise – like a Brite-Dock phone charger. We were the only students at the entire show!

Seeing things in a different light

At the end of the course we didn’t get shortlisted for an award, but I decided to become an Apps for Good Fellow. The Fellowship is for students want to get the most out of Apps for Good. I’m not yet certain about my plans for the future, but I’m interested in technology. I see it as something I may like to get more involved with in the future.

Overall, Apps for Good has helped me to develop my problem-solving skills, and to think about things in a different light. Apps for Good can reveal many more opportunities that you didn’t even know existed. To anyone just starting the course, I’d say you will learn a lot and it will be great!

To discover more opportunities in tech and entrepreneurship, Apps for Good students can join The Fellowship: