Exploring possibilities at SAP

Tasneem is an Apps for Good Fellow from Luton. Last week, Tasneem visited SAP UK for an inspiring Work Experience Day. Here she shares her thoughts:

A day in the life with SAP
I’ve never taken part in a work experience before, and I didn’t expect to any time soon, let alone in a well reputable company in London called SAP. Founded in Germany, 1972, it manufactures software for businesses, tailoring to their needs and helps support services for their customers. This month we got the opportunity to visit the SAP UK office for ourselves and venture into the world of work and see what things are like behind the scenes.

At first, we played a fun game and learnt many interesting facts about SAP. For instance, the company’s customers produce around 72% of the world’s chocolate! We also learned that the company work with McLaren – there was even a cool interactive room in the office with a F1 car and a simulator!

Exploring possibilities with the SAP Internship Programme
Next, we got the chance to meet the latest SAP interns! They were super nice and told us how the application and interview process worked. Extremely valuable information was provided such as their experience, what they have learnt and how crucial time management is.

Solving problems with spaghetti
CpVG7oxXEAAIpOIAfter that session, we were introduced to Design Thinking- a creative and clever way of coming up with solutions to problems. Provided with just 20 sticks of spaghetti, tape, string and a marshmallow, we went ahead in completing the marshmallow challenge: building the highest free standing structure. At first, it was quite challenging as you had to think hard about how sticks that look so fragile can support a marshmallow! It seems unlikely, but with teamwork, determination and your imagination, it was certainly possible.

Trying real world tools
CpVz1CDXgAQoSKkI’m sure you’ve all heard of Green Screen Technology, that provides visual effects and animated backgrounds. Well, SAP had a Virtual Studio that uses it, where we got the opportunity to create a Video CV to take home with us! It was definitely a really unique and special aspect, and the CV will help me in the future when I apply to jobs.

We were also introduced to a software that SAP has designed so that it’s customers can add their own touches to their websites and products. We were taught how to use and prototype an app to to solve a challenge around the Rio Olympics. At the end of the day, we presented our ideas to the SAP Dragons. This was the best part of the day! It was interesting to see how the skills we learned with the Apps for Good course transferred to this challenge, and we got to use all of the problem-solving skills we practiced throughout the day!

Building skills for the future
This day has taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. I’ve also learned that technology has revolutionised dramatically and with the marshmallow challenge, I learned to never give up and to carry on.

I was so happy to get this chance to visit SAP. It was incredibly useful to know just how many positions are available in companies today, and how all these roles work together. This experience and knowledge has helped me to broaden my horizon greatly. I think it’s extremely important that other young people get opportunities like these, so we can understand how to build up the skills that can help them in the future.

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