Improving your Apps for Good journey: introducing our new Educator Dashboard

While summer temperatures may have just arrived in the UK, summer holidays are coming to an end and schools across the UK are ready for a new school year. At Apps for Good we’ve been putting  our summer to good use and are proud to reveal our brand new Educator Dashboard!

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Our new Dashboard doesn’t just look sleeker, it’s packed with information, tools, lesson plans, CPD training and more  to help make sure that delivering Apps for Good is as straightforward as possible for teachers. There’s lots to explore, but today we’re giving you an overview of 4 essential features in order to get the most out of the Apps for Good course.

1). Start a Course

start a course. 2.jpg

As you make your way through the course content you will see a prompt at the bottom of your screen inviting you to start a course if you have not already done so. Clicking on this will enable you to create a class and start your journey through either the full course or the mini course.

2). Track your Progress

Mark as done. 2.jpg

This new feature at the bottom of each topic page will allow you to mark each module topic as “done” and will thus allow you to keep track of your progress on the course you have selected.

3). Lesson Primers

Lesson primer. highlighted

These handy documents are designed to work in tandem with the 5 minute lesson plans and will provide you with extra help when planning lessons by defining key terms, offering further reading suggestions and providing example assessment questions.

4). 15 Minute Training and Deeper Learning

CPD screenshot

These tools are located in the CPD Training tab on the dashboard. The 15 minute training pages include inspirational videos and informative links which will enable you to teach your students about everything from e-safety to the importance of grit and remaining resilient when challenges arise during the course.

The deeper learning pages will provide you with an in depth look at how to foster creativity in the classroom.

We want to know what you think of our new Dashboard. Got any comments, ideas or suggestions for how we can keep improving the Dashboard? Let us know on