Counting down to App Launch 2017

**The App Launch will now be held on Monday 27 February**

It’s an exciting time at Apps for Good as we’re counting down to this year’s App Launch. At the event on Monday 27 February, hosted at News UK, we’ll be celebrating the achievements of the student teams who have created apps to change their world.


Get to know the apps

The apps tackle a wide range of issues, from puberty and grief to allergies and fear of spiders:

  • Changes: helps young girls who are going through or about to go through puberty.
  • DiPloy: helps people with disabilities who want to get back into work build confidence and find employment.
  • Fear Nothing: helps people conquer their fear of spiders.
  • Allergy Basket: helps people keep track of the allergy free foods their family can eat by allowing them to create shopping lists by scanning barcodes.
  • Donate it: connects people who have unwanted household goods with charities who can sell items to raise money for their cause.
  • Lillies: an app for young people who have lost someone they love.

The student teams behind the apps, all of whom took part in the Apps for Good course, have been working closely with professional development agencies to get their app ready for market for the past eight months. The students are all between 9 and 18 years old, and were selected as winners at the 2016 Apps for Good Awards.

Download the apps and hear from the teams behind them on our website.  

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