Idea Generation Day with Cogeco Peer 1

Student’s kick off their Apps for Good course with a day of workshops hosted by Cogeco Peer1.

Last week students from Ditcham Park and St George’s Catholic School, who have just begun their Apps for Good journey, were lucky enough to be invited to the Cogeco Peer 1 offices for a day of inspirational workshops run by their staff.

cogeco peer 1 day

“The Apps for Good trip was a lot of fun and it helped me learn a lot” – Luke

The students were all very excited on arrival as the offices aren’t the average workspace! There are indoor gardens, a shipwreck, space hoppers, mini golf and even a slide! The day kick started with some brain storming as the students thought about a problem they were keen to solve using tech. It was great to listen to such a variety of ideas and for an initial brainstorm all the ideas were very sophisticated.

Once the students had decided on one idea they wanted to work on they were split into two workshops to learn how to sell and market their idea and how they could assess the technical feasibility of the idea.


The sales experts at Cogeco Peer 1 demonstrated, using real examples, the different ways apps could make money. Then they explained how to define the target market before thinking about marketing collateral and where the app would be visible. It was interactive and a fun way to learn some new business skills!

Following a bit more work on the ideas after lunch it was time to pitch! Everyone got the chance to pitch their idea and explain the idea process and what problem the app would solve. There was a wide variety of app ideas from learning history through games to sending money directly to charity in a crisis. Everyone got some feedback from the experts and the floor was open for questions. The questions were very constructive as the teams could think about potential challenges that hadn’t occurred to them previously.


“The trip was interesting to learn ways of creating mobile apps” – Connor

After a full tour around the office and meeting a few other employees it was time to go home after a constructive and exciting day. Alain, computer science teacher at St George’s, left saying “the students were engaged from start to finish, the location and venue were conducive to learning and gave pupils a real experience of work in the IT industry.” It was a productive day for all and the students all left very inspired to continue with the Apps for Good course and with a much better understanding about what the day in the life of an employee at a big tech company is like. 

We look forward to seeing the fully fledged ideas once everyone has completed the course!

Want to know more about The Expert programme?

It is an opportunity for student teams delivering the Apps for Good course to get advice and mentoring from real world Experts from business and tech. Apps for Good Experts get the chance to hear the students app ideas, share their skills and knowledge and get loads of energy, inspiration and new perspectives in return!

Experts meet with the students remotely over Google Hangout or Skype in one hour sessions and help them move from problem to prototype in a wide range of areas of expertise mapped to the course, including idea screening, technical and data feasibility through to marketing, prototyping and coding.

In 2016/17, Expert sessions were delivered to over 3200 students across the UK through our Apps for Good dashboard.