Team ZOE visit to Netguru, Poland

Dominik, Adrian and Maksym created ZOE – a friendly Facebook messenger bot  which helps young Polish people to revise more effectively for physics classes in school.  Since winning the first prize at the 2nd Apps for Good Showcase in Gdynia in May 2017  the team have continued to work on ZOE. During the summer holidays they got invited by our development partner Netguru in Poznan to visit their office and engage with the Netguru team to take their idea further.  In this blog they tell us about the experience.

In August we travelled to the headquarters of Netguru in Poznan. When we arrived we were welcomed by Greta who was with us the whole time. She was very helpful and friendly. At the beginning of the visit we presented our project in front of Netguru’s employees. We were slightly stressed about our presentation but while we were talking we forgot about our nerves.


After the presentation we sat down and started talking about ZOE. Netguru’s staff gave us a lot of helpful advice, for example to create a roadmap and to better define our goals:

Netguru Roadmap

Later we went for a guided tour of Netguru’s office; it has really nicely decorated rooms! We were so excited about the “chilling room” where you can find game consoles and instruments like a guitar.

Next we had a video-call with Radek, Netguru’s head of growth. He gave us advice about soft skills and he described to us many of Netguru’s current projects. After lunch we had a mentoring session with Wojtek and Svetlana. Wojtek is a very experienced developer and knows a lot about programming and start-ups. Svetlana told us more about the job of a project manager. At the end of our visit Matthew told us about the recruitment process at Netguru.


Huge thanks to the Netguru team for spending so much time with us! It was an interesting experience and if we can, we definitely want to work at a place like Netguru in the future.

Team ZOE  – Dominik, Adrian and Maksym