Sharing perspectives on problem solving through tech with NSPCC

As part of The NSPCC’s weeklong event, WhatsAppening in Child Safety Online, Apps for Good Fellows Kirsty and Savanna gave their insights on the power of problem solving through technology.       

Booksy Savanna & Kirsty

The event aimed to introduce NSPCC staff to impactful projects and initiatives around education and technology. The session was a great opportunity for Savanna and Kirsty to talk about some of the positive ways tech can help students overcome problems that affect them and their community. The girls talked about their experiences developing their app idea Booksy, the Apps for Good course itself and the benefits of the Fellowship programme. They then hosted a Q&A with the attending NSPCC guests from across the country.

One of the attendees remarked “Hearing about Apps for Good and Kirsty and Savannah’s involvement, was interesting and inspirational. I left the room feeling buoyed up by the prospect of these exciting opportunities for school children, and thinking of how I could share their story with others.”

When hosting the Q&A the girls had the chance to share their thoughts on how the course has changed their view of technology and what influence it has had on their future aspirations. They also gave insight into which skills and expertise they have honed over the last year and how the Apps for Good Awards, specifically the opportunity to be part of the Marketplace, had given them the chance to meet numerous interesting people from the tech industry. They noted how rewarding it was to meet industry professionals who were excited to hear about their app idea and open to giving them advice on how they could take the idea further.


Another topic of conversation was how much being a part of the Apps for Good Fellowship has enabled them to grow their confidence. They spoke about the opportunities that have opened up for them in the last year, since becoming part of the Fellowship community; such as public speaking opportunities, mentoring and involvement in industry events.

Feedback from attendees of the girls’ session was extremely encouraging, showing how important it is for young people to share their perspective on the positive societal impact of technology; “Having Apps for Good come to the NSPCC and share their work with young people was really inspiring, and demonstrated to us the positive power of technology in a world where the focus is so often on the dangers it brings to children. Building young people’s tech skills and supporting them in developing innovative solutions to social problems will equip young people to be positive digital citizens. We were really impressed and hope that more schools will sign up to the program.”

Running these sessions is paramount for engaging young people with influential organisations like the NSPCC; earlier this year some members of the Fellowship were involved with some of the user testing they were doing on internet safety. We look forward to running more sessions like this over the coming year!

If you are interested in joining the Apps for Good Fellowship email for the sign up pack.