10 great educational tech gifts

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Detective Dot : Inspiring the next generation of coders
How does it work: Join the ‘Children’s Intelligence Agency’ and the detective dot book provides missions to solve using coding challenges
Who’s it for: Children 8+
How much does it cost: from £7.99

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Binary Bots : Gaining an introduction into coding
How does it work: Build and create your very own robot and learn simple coding along the way. Included BBC Micro:bit computer for you to program and learn.
Who’s it for: Children 8+
How much does it cost: £39.99


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Coding Club Python Basics Level 1: A book providing a framework for teaching coding skills
How does it work: Young programmers will learn how to code and customise several fun applications including their own Magic8Ball and an Etch A Sketch® game. The fun challenges and Quick Quizzes help to consolidate new skills and the companion web site provides the full source code for all the projects and challenges as well as help for readers.
How much does it cost: £7.50


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Think Fun Code Master Game: Programming logic puzzle board game
How does it work:Learn how to code by understanding the logic and sequence behind a computer’s actions. On each level, players program an avatar to harvest power crystals and reach the destination portal. Players must think carefully because only one specific sequence of actions will lead to success
Who’s it for: Single player game for age 8+
How much does it cost: £29.99


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Make your Own Lego Movie
How does it work: LEGO Make Your Own Movie is a beginner guide to stop-motion animation.Use your phone, tablet, or computer to make short, funny clips. Includes 36 LEGO elements.
Who’s it for: age 8-12
How much does it cost: £14.99


Bits & Bytes: Card game teaching the fundamentals of coding
How does it work: The goal of Bits & Bytes is for each player to guide their character (programme) to their home by issuing instructions (turn right, turn left, move forward, turn around). At the same time they have to avoid walls, bugs and the dreaded Seepeeu.
Who’s it for: Ages 4-11
How much does it cost: £15.95

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Tech will save us Synth Kit: Introduces how electricity works through play
How does it work:  Kids create electronic music by building their very own synthesizer.
Who’s it for: Ages 12+
How much does it cost: £24.99

Computer Coding games for Kids: Get coding and build your own computer games with this simple visual guide
How does it work: Just follow the numbered steps to build eight crazy games with the Scratch programming language
Who’s it for: 8-14yrs
How much does it cost: RRP £12.99 (currently on offer for £3.99)
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Electronic Starter kit for Raspberry Pi: ideal starting point for anyone new to electronics and the Raspberry Pi
How does it work: All the components you need, together with easy to follow instruction cards, in order to complete 10 simple experiments
Who’s it for: Age 7+
How much does it cost: £10 (You can buy the Raspberry Pi itself for £22.50) here

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Do it Kits:  Robot Unicorns need brains too and these kits use micro:bits to make Robot Unicorns smart.
How does it work: Video tutorials and step-by-step instructions make this a simple and easy way to get started on your robotics journey.
Who’s it for: Age 8-80
How much does it cost: Kits from £19.99