Apps for Good International: Portugal

39071456761_fda985ca16_oThanks to Priscilla from Apps for Good Portugal for sharing this post about the event students attended back in December.

On December 6th, at Convento São Francisco in Coimbra, Portugal,  3 teams from Apps for Good Portugal attended the first conference of the Permanent Forum for Digital Competencies under the National Initiative on Digital Skills e.2030 (Portugal INCode. 2030). The teams attending were solution from Quinta dos Bacelos College, Cook Wizard and FarmShare from Nelas Schools; they had the opportunity to talk about how their work has developed.

Their apps ideas aim to fulfil the following missions: assists children to autonomously increase their lexical field through an oral dictionary.

Cook Wizard: suggests recipes for meals, based on what families have stored in their pantry or fridge. They can then filter by difficulty level and execution time.

FarmShare: aims to respond to the waste generated by agricultural production. This app makes the virtual link between the seller and the buyer. It aims to help the local economy by boosting the purchase of agricultural surpluses.

The maturity of the young students was immediately noticeable as soon as they started to present their ideas with passion and vibrancy. Their enthusiastic educators, who enable the students to develop crucial skills for the future, were also in attendance. The work they are doing is incredibly important to further the opportunities for the next generation.

Cook WizardScreen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.29.34(The Cook Wizard team showcasing their work) 

The event was organised as part of a commitment by the XXI Constitutional Government of Portugal, an integrated action of public policy, which involves several ministries, with the aim of strengthening digital skills in Portuguese society. This program has a set of actions that are structured into 5 pillars: Inclusion, Education, Qualification, Specialisation and Research;  the end goal being to position Portugal in the top group of European countries with digital competences by 2030. The ideas showcased in December were impressive and we look forward to seeing how the students decide to develop them further. Watch this space!