Bots for Good: Team ZOE in Berlin

As we are working on new Machine Learning content due to be launched in summer 2018, one of our great students teams from Poland is helping us on that learning journey. Team ZOE have created a friendly Facebook messenger bot which helps young Polish people to revise more effectively for physics classes in school. Last summer they got advice and feedback from our development partner Netguru in Poznan, so this is an update by Dominik, Adrian and Maksym on their experiences over the recent months in Berlin.
From 18th to 19th of October we had the pleasure to visit the capital city of Germany, Berlin. We had that opportunity because we had been invited to present our project ZOE at the #botsBerlin meet-up. The organizers were really nice to us and were interested in our idea. The whole meeting started at 6p.m. and ended  at 9p.m. During the event we had the opportunity  to present ZOE in front of over 100 people who also heard talks by Enrico Mass from SAP and Jaycee Day from Avocadobots. After the presentations pizza arrived and everyone was talking with each other. We met many great people who said that ZOE is a great idea and also shared their positive and helpful thoughts about ZOE.

20171018_192612ZOE presenting at #botsBerlin meet-up at Mindspace

The next day we went to visit, an open source conversational AI start-up, where we had a mentoring session with Alex Weidauer, their CEO. We got feedback on our product strategy and learnt more about the machine learning approaches they use. 20171019_100036Team ZOE with Alex from Rasa


After the visit to Rasa we went to the SAP.iO Foundry led by Connor Murphy from Techstars. We met Markus, CTO at, and learned how they are see and make bots. After all this feedback we decided to work more on ZOE and have started to integrate on the backend as it offers good support for the Polish language.  

20171019_122824.jpgAt SAP.iO Foundry

A month later we returned to Berlin to compete in the start-up contest of the Datanatives conference from 16th to 17th of November. We had been invited to this event by Elena Poughia, who had spotted us at #botsBerlin meet-up.

On the first day we listened to many interesting pitches and met many smart and kind people, who were interested in our work. However, the most important day for us was the second day of the event when we had to present our work to the judges of the start-up contest and afterwards to an audience with over 1,000 people on the main stage. The audience was probably shocked that 16 year old guys did such a great job.

We won the first place of the contest! Our prize was a one-to-one meeting with, a new early stage investor in Berlin.

We are now building a fully working MVP and  expanding the database. We think our MVP should be ready in April/May. And we will be back to Berlin in 2018!  

Team Zoe in Berlin

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