Award winners turn their idea into reality with launch of “Recall Aid” app

February 26th 2018: Apps for Good is delighted to announce the launch of “Recall Aid”, an app developed by the winners of the Productivity category at the 2017 Apps for Good Awards. The team’s entry, by three students from Bridgewater and Taunton College, really stood out from the hundreds of applications at the annual national competition. Today, Apps for Good would like to celebrate the launch of the teams’ app ‘Recall Aid’ onto the Google play and Apple App store with the support of SAP.

The inspiration for ‘Recall Aid’ came when team member Ryan mentioned how he often forgot where he put things and where to find them later. The students soon realised that the app would not only help people with similar habits like Ryan but also individuals suffering from early signs of dementia. The app aids in tracking belongings by using visual cues and developing habitual locations for storage.  

Here is what the team said about the involvement in the project:

Q: How did you find the process?

“In the beginning, we were all a little overwhelmed with our own lack of experience with the industry. However, once we knew our part, we were able to commit ourselves fully and really enjoy seeing the app coming to life.”

Q: What have you learned?

“Working on ‘Recall Aid’, we really started to understand how the technology industry operated and the legal consideration that go into the creation of an app.”

Q: What are your hopes for the app?

“We hope to promote and develop the app to the best of our ability and see it prosper! Ultimately, we hope Recall Aid helps people as we intended when we presented in the Barbican”.

Heather Picov UK Managing Director said: “Apps for Good aims to empower students from all backgrounds to seize the opportunities of our digital age and create tech products that solve the problems they are truly passionate about. The Recall Aid team should be proud of their accomplishments. They completely owned every stage of the process from the initial idea to full development through the Apps for Good course and we’ve really enjoyed working with them. This would have not been possible without our long-term partnership with SAP, who supported the Productivity Category at the Apps for Good Awards. Over four years of support for the category, SAP has helped launch student apps such as Bookd and Allergy Basket and mentored the students throughout the app creation process.”

Philip Davies, Head of Presales Consulting, SAP EMEA North commented, “SAP has continued to sponsor the Productivity Category because we are committed in providing our youth with the skills needed to tackle society’s problems.  The creativity, passion and talent potential we see each year continues to amaze! It was a pleasure presenting the award to the Recall Aid team in 2017. My congratulations to the team for their hard work and dedication in creating and launching ‘Recall Aid’. This is a great example of how students can take what they have learned and really make an impact on the world. Well done!”

About SAP:

As a long term strategic partner of Apps for Good, SAP is currently working with Apps for Good to provide unique and high quality engagement for students and teachers alike. SAP and Apps for Good have embarked upon valuable engagement opportunities for a multitude of beneficiaries across the years, and the impact of this work lies in the crucial development for the organisation and the broader impact that it makes through SAP providing significant expertise, strategic input and resources. As a result, much of the impact Apps for Good has made in recent years would not have been possible without the support of SAP.

About Apps for Good

Apps for Good is an education technology charity, with a mission to unlock the confidence and talent of young people to help them thrive in a tech-driven future.

They provide free online CPD to up-skill computing teachers to ensure they feel confident delivering their programmes (App Development or Internet of Things course) to their students. Students are then challenged to come up with any problem or issue they are passionate about within their communities and learn how to solve it by building a digital product.

Through the Apps for Good programme students learn not just vital technical skill but also the enterprise and employability skills to design, market, launch and pitch their products solving real-world problems.

Full access to the Apps for Good Press Kit here


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