Ocean Plastics Day at Salesforce!🌊🌎

On Tuesday 27th February, Apps for Good students from Elstree UTC, Sutton Grammar and St Marylebone CE Schools got the chance to take part in Salesforce’s Ocean Plastics Day.

Salesforce Pic_Greenpeace

The event was aimed at raising awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans; what it is, why it’s a problem and how we can tackle it using technology. The day comprised of inspiring talks from organisations and individuals who are tackling plastic pollution around the world, as well as an app in a day workshop delivered by Apps for Good and Salesforce Experts.


salesforce pic_Emily Penn

Emily Penn, a self-described “ocean advocate” & international public speaker”, opened the day with an inspirational talk about her experience travelling the world, helping communities tackle plastic pollution. Students also got the chance to hear from Louise Edge from Greenpeace about the needless creation of plastics and how we can stop it and from Salesforce about how they’re making a difference, including becoming plastic free by the end of 2019.

As well as listening to fantastic speakers, students also took part in a series of app development workshops, where, in teams, they worked with Salesforce Experts to brainstorm an app idea that would inspire, raise awareness or educate people about the amount of plastics in the ocean.


“Here’s to some awesome event inspo! Combining interesting topics, education, volunteering, and technology.” , Julie M, Salesforce volunteer

In the workshops students identified users for their app ideas and created user profiles. They also explored what features they might want and worked evaluating them before finally creating some simple wireframes that helped them visualise their app and provided a great starting point to take them further.


“I really enjoyed having people who worked at Salesforce help us with our app ideas and loved the entire experience”, Nate Spooner, student

The day was not only a fantastic opportunity for the students to hear from and be mentored by real-world Experts but also to use the skills they’ve developed through Apps for Good to look at how they could potentially solve the growing and ever prescient problem of plastic pollution. Since the session many teams have also now gone on to work with Salesforce volunteers to develop their ideas further in school, so we’re now looking forward to potentially seeing some of the brilliant app ideas taken to the next level in the coming months. Stay tuned.

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