How Contentful has helped us set a foundation for the future

Working with Contentful to build the new iteration of hasn’t been without it’s technical challenges, but we are already seeing the benefits of a headless content management system in terms of sustainability.

One of the things our technology team has struggled with in the past is the trade off between needing bespoke tools and specific integrations in order to create impact for teachers and students whilst maintaining financially lean and agile systems that can respond to the ever changing education environment.

We’ve gone through several platform iterations in the past, both with in-house development teams and with agencies, but a frequent problem we have come up against is not being able to swiftly change our messaging to keep up with our developing teacher and student facing programmes in real time.

Suddenly, through building a first version of our new, revamped public website we are able to have that flexibility. We can train non-technical staff such as our Senior Learning Manager and other members of the team to use Contentful to react quickly, using components that we have designed for our own specific use, that fit perfectly with our brand.

This has a big impact on our future plans. Our purpose built ruby-on-rails educator platform has served us well for the past few years, but Contentful gives us an opportunitiy to make holistic tweaks to our offering and our brand in a fraction of the time, whilst combining all of our subdomains into one online platform with a consistent user experience.

This joined up system is a crucial reason why we have chosen Contentful for the next step in our innovation process, giving us the ability to test and scale projects at speed using CMS components that we have pre-fabricated ourselves. Watch this space! Our educator platform will be moving to very soon as a result.

We want to thank Contentful for the generous support of their pro-bono programme for charities that has allowed us to build a foundation where the future of our technology offering is bright, and we hope that flexibility and customisability will be reflected in increased positive social impact for the schools and students at the core of Apps for Good’s mission.

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