#FutureSkillsNow: students show they have the skills for a tech-driven future

Supported by Capgemini, the 2019 Apps for Good Employability Skills Prizes celebrate young technology creators aged 10 to 18 who’ve come up with a great idea for a product that makes the world a better place.

The students worked together in teams as part of the Apps for Good course, creating proposals outlining their product ideas. Students then submitted their ideas to a panel of Capgemini judges, who reviewed the entries and helped us to find the best ones.

While Capgemini judges reviewed hundreds of proposals, these inspiring students have been hand-selected to receive the Employability Skills Prize commending their skills in marketing, innovation and technology.

Without further delay, we are delighted to announce the all-female list of prizewinners!

Marketing Prize

Just Read

Created by: all-female team from The Marist School in Sunninghill, England

The idea: a virtual storytelling app that helps parents read to their children

Prototype and Features

Just Read App

The app scans books or magazines so their content can be shared between parent and child. Parents can record their voice as they read the pages in a book or magazine so it is just like they are reading to your child even though they have to be away from home.

Why they won the Marketing Prize

These students went above and beyond, completing even the most in depth parts of the Apps for Good course including market research, business modelling, story boarding and wireframing. They gathered all of their research and product information into an elegant and well-designed website.


Through their Apps for Good project, Sakeena, Jaisha and Shelby have shown that they are creative, technical and business-savvy. We have no doubt that they will take these skills forward and achieve great things in a future driven by technology.

Technical Skills Prize


Created by: a team of girls from South Wilts Grammar School for Girls in Salisbury, South Wiltshire, England

The idea: an interactive virtual learning pet for children aged 3+

Prototype and Features


An interactive talking pet named Kandy which guides children as they learn. Learning activities for small children which unlock games as you progress in your learning.

Why they won the Technical Skills Prize

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 12.02.43

Students taking part in the Apps for Good course will typically create different levels of prototypes, from paper sketches to wireframes and beyond into click-through coded prototypes. This team has shown exceptional technical skills, going above and beyond to to build a full working prototype of their app idea.

Innovation Prize


Created by: a team of students from Dunoon Grammar School in Dunoon, Scotland

The idea: a smart device that defrosts your car

Product features

96a9f6a5ca38-PrototypePicThis internet connected device has three core features. First, it sends a message to your phone when the car gets below 0C. Next, you can tell it to heat up your car when you plug it into the car. Lastly, the device turns off the heater when it gets to 25C to prevent fires and save the car battery.

Why they won the Innovation Prize

The Capgemini judges thought this device was a very innovative use of technology and an excellent example of physical computing in the classroom that can apply to real-world scenarios. The judges were particularly excited about the research completed by the team, and the potential real-world applications of the product.

About Apps for Good and Capgemini

With the support of Capgemini, Apps for Good aims to equip young people with the skills needed to thrive in a future driven by technology. Apps for Good has reached 143,200 students in 3,400 schools since 2010, and 50% of students are female. Last year, Apps for Good ran industry interactions with over 1350 industry experts, 44% of them female.  Additionally, over 60% of students said they had an increased interest in working a job in the technology sector after completing an Apps for Good course. When we see the list of talented young Employability Skills Prize winners, we are confident that the future is safe in their hands.

To find out more about Apps for Good and the Awards, visit: http://www.appsforgood.org/awards/2019

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